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Beeswax Lumi Lantern - OUT OF STOCK
Beeswax Lumi Lantern - OUT OF STOCK
Beeswax Lumi Lantern - OUT OF STOCK

Beeswax Lumi Lantern - OUT OF STOCK

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Beelish Lumi’s are made of pure beeswax and when lit create a warm yellow glow with a delicate natural wax aroma.

Included with lantern is a pure beeswax tealight, small stones for the bottom of the lantern and burning instructions

Lantern size: 13cm wide x 10cm high

Box Size: 15cm square box


Why Choose Beelish Beeswax candles:

Beelish Lumi’s and tealights are made from pure beeswax with the natural colour   preserved.   The colour variation you see between the different candles comes from the pollen collected by the bees. That's how pure our beeswax is!

Lumi Care

Over time or in cold weather you may  notice a whitish bloom on your Beeswax Lumi Lanterns This is natural and shows that your Lumi’s are made from pure    beeswax. It can be easily removed by wiping over the beeswax with a soft cloth or gently warming with a hairdryer set on low for a few seconds.

DIRECTIONS: Place the decorative sand/rocks provided into the base of the lantern then sit the tealight candle on top. The sand protects the beeswax base of the Lumi from the heat of the tealight candle.

Place lantern on a flat surface protecting the table surface if necessary

Light the candle and enjoy the glow.

Never leave burning  candles unattended!